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Ancillary Endorsements

First-Class Mail is forwarded to new addresses on file free of charge and, if undeliverable, they are returned to you for free. That’s really good value for your postage. You can use an ancillary service endorsement to change how the post office treats First-Class Mail.

Undeliverable Standard Mail that doesn’t have an endorsement is disposed of by the Postal Service. This is a good reason to make sure that your address list is correct and current.

Sometimes, no matter how good your address is, there may be reasons why the post office still can’t deliver the mail. For instance, your customer may have moved or the building may be vacant. By using special addressing services called “ancillary service endorsements,” you can give the Postal Service specific instructions for how to handle your mail if it is undeliverable as addressed. Depending on the purpose of your mailing, you may want those pieces forwarded to customers who have moved, or you may want a corrected address returned to you. Ancillary service endorsements include five basic phrases that are printed on the address side of your mail piece:

Address Service Requested

Return Service Requested

Change Service Requested

Forwarding Service Requested

Electronic Service Requested


Undeliverable mail is handled differently depending on the class of mail, the endorsement you use, and how recently your customer has moved. Some of these actions have fees associated with them and may cost you money. Refer to the following link for more detailed information and costs associated with each endorsement.

Quick Service Guide 507 – Ancillary Service Endorsements

The best way to get all your mail delivered, and avoid undeliverable or returned mail is to check the accuracy of your address list before you send your mailing. This will save you time and money in the long run. has an Address Verify Lookup feature on their site that you can use to verify addresses that you might not be sure of. For batch address checking from your spreadsheet file, they allow you to check up to 500 addresses at a time.

Once you have a nice clean list, you should then get your list printed directly onto the envelopes so that you can look as professional as possible. Avoid using address labels when possible, as they are not as nice looking, especially when they are applied crooked. And messy handwriting is definitely not the way to go! Plus your hand will get really tired if you have several hundred or thousand pieces to mail.

Thrifty Envelopes can print your mailing list addresses for you with ease. Simply send us your .xls or .csv address list file and we’ll take it from there. If you have barcoding information in your file, that’s no problem. We can print your Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMB), indicia (mail permit), whatever you need included in your mail piece. We’ll even stamp them for you if you don’t have time to do that yourself. Ask us for help today!